Animated comedy shorts about weird stuff Native American & Indigenous people deal with way too often.

Gone Native is a series of comedic digital shorts that shines a satirical light on some of the unfortunate, ignorant microaggressions that many Native people experience.

In a time where much of the country assumes that Natives still live in teepees like it’s the 1700s, it’s obvious that as a society, we could use a tiny bit of education about what it means to be an American Indian in the 21st Century. We created this website to provide a hub for the Gone Native series and link to additional resources where you can learn more about these issues and get involved with great Native-led organizations.



Episode 1

Telling People You’re Native American When You’re Not Native Is A Lot Like Telling A Bear You’re A Bear When You’re Not A Bear

"This simple, faux-instructional animation covers important ground with a humorist’s specificity and visuals you’ll want to turn into GIFs." – Vulture

Episode 2

How To Cope With Your Team Changing Its Native American Mascot
(produced in partnership with Comedy Central)

"Clift, along with an all-Native voice cast, offers cheeky solutions to fans who may miss performing the Tomahawk chop or wearing redface.” – Salon

Episode 3

6 Things You Didn’t Learn About Native American People in High School

“People ask Native people weird questions all the time because they don't know any better.’ This funny, informative and important video is a start.” – Leslie Streeter (The Baltimore Banner)

Episode 4

Every time You Say Something is Your Spirit Animal, You Have to Give Every Native American Person You Know Twenty Five Dollars

“Clift’s use of comedy as an educational tool has also opened people’s eyes to the creative possibilities when Native perspectives are centered.” – CrossCut

Episode 5

Dear legendary horror author Stephen King, instead of using Indian Burial Grounds in your books, have you thought of using European burial grounds?

"With his series, Clift wants to set the record straight, albeit as a kind of medicine that’s sugar-coated with laughs.” – Yahoo's In The Know

"Wow. I feel like I want to watch everything Joey's ever done. That was really fun and straight to the point.”

– NPR's Code Switch

About the creator

Series creator and enrolled Cowlitz Indian Tribal member Joey Clift (Spirit Rangers, Netflix) was inspired to create the series in 2018 when he realized that the only accessible resources to educate non-Native people about Native issues were long think-pieces.

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